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The 2145 McMullen seed is part of the Giant pumpkin contest,you may grow any seed you wish in this contest
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Surprise!! Bubbas biggest Secret."Pumpkin Power" will boost them to bigger weights.

 Walking you through the 2016 growing season from Bubbas garden to yours. Please join us!

Mark Clementz holds 3 Michigan State Records. 4.44 lb tomato  & 138.5 Long gourd 2014 GPC Worldwide champion.1947.5 lb.Pumpkin placing 8th in the world for 2014 competing  with over 1700 entrants worldwide.
The 1947.5 Clementz (shown below)

2015 still holding 3 state records
Michigan State Champ with the 1734.5 1st Place in Dublin Ohio Contest at Oakland Nursery winning 5 grand.The 1177 lb Clementz winning a Howard Dill prettiest Pumpkin award at Fair Oaks Indiana.
955 lb True Green Squash 1st place at Andy Ts St.Johns Michigan GPC site.

1734.5 lb
This site is all about growing giant veggies.I started growing giants in 1996 that was also the same year the first 1000 lb giant pumpkin was grown. This has been my passion ever since. I love the fun & excitement of growing. It's like Christmas for a child, the anticipation & suspense of what you will get at seasons end and the joy of watching others see what you have grown.
The goal of Worldwide Giant Growers, WWGG, is to raise prize money for several giant veggie categories & to help new growers get started. I also lean toward growing as organically as possible. I've always tried to use very little chemicals and pesticides as they are costly and harsh to the environment & plan to continue to use these organic types of products on this site.

We will have several classes to choose from. I
will add more classes when interest is shown by members. If your new to growing giants, we are a group of growers world wide.There were almost 1800 pumpkins weighed last year for the GPC, Giant Pumpkin Commonwealth. This is a fast growing hobby with new weigh-offs forming each year. This site is NOT affiliated with the GPC but I am a participant of the GPC & support them. Our contests will also include veggies weighed at State & County Fairs where certified scales are used. This will help growers who may not be local to GPC events get into the fun of competitive growing and also get recognized for veggies that mature before some late events. I will accept  organized events with certified scales with publicly published results.Cantaloupes & tomatoes can be weighed at local markets,all others should be weighed at public events. All decisions made by WWGG are final. If your weigh off site is not mentioned above, please get pre-approval of your site in advance of entering your membership with the WWGG.(This is a limted liability corporation. Not a traditional non profit club.)

This is how it will work.               
You pick the class you want to enter.
#1 Giant Pumpkin
#2 Giant Watermelon
#3 Long Gourd
#4 Giant Tomato
#5 Field Pumpkin
#6 Bubba's Big Orange Contest! (Must be orange to win)
#7 Giant Green Squash
#8 Bubba/Smokey Challenge!(write in comment box)
#9 Tallest Sunflower(write in comment box)
#10 Bushel Gourd (write in comment box) on mbrshp form.
  Your $35 membership fee places you in that class
 and also enters you in to a get random seed of your choice.
member gets a seed or seeds if packaged in multiples.Request seeds if needed some growers have seeds already.I will ship by request. Please write in comment box on form your request.
 Seeds come with Membership!
When you know your Hot seed is coming,you hurry to the mailbox to check for seeds your Russian! When you plant your seedling & work the patch in the hot sun & drink liquids you will be Euro pee in and eventually Hungary.lol!Then at seasons end your at the scales your Finnish.This truly will be WORLDWIDEGIANTGROWERS! lol!

I will add more to the pages of this site as membership grows.Please let me know what you would like to see as you join membership.There is a comment block on membership form.I would like to hear from you & encourage good clean humor.Thanks again Worldwidegiantgrowers.
Congratulations! to Chris Kent! He just grew a 2013 World Record Watermelon using  our Sponsors products.
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