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2019 Contest Membership is Open! 

Contest categories available Giant Pumpkin, Giant Watermelon, Long Gourd, Giant Squash, Giant Tomato, Field Pumpkin, Bushel Gourd, Sunflower, Cucumber, Cantaloupe, Marrow, Carrot and Onion. Purchase a Basic Membership for $25 or one of Bubba’s Packs to enter all of the contests for 2019 listed below. We have a contest fit just right for you! Thanks to our sponsors for helping with the prize money! We will add a second place prize if we have over 200 members and third place prizes if we hit over 300 members.

Grow a World Record and receive a bonus $300 and plaque ($500 if using Mark’s Mix)
If using Marks Mixes add $100 to each prize. Using all six products add $200 to each prize. Grow and many as you like, (No Limit) 

Heavy Hitter Giant Pumpkin

1st $300 & Growers Coat, 2nd $100 3rd $100
For growers with a personal best 1750 lbs or more, however, new growers can win this too 1 fruit per contest only.

Giant Pumpkin Contest

1st $300 2nd $100 3rd $100 with plaques
For growers who have not grown over 1750 yet.

Giant Pumpkin 1000 lbs & under

$100 w plaque
For growers who have not grown 1000 lbs yet. (1 fruit per contest only)

Giant Pumpkin 1000 lbs without going over

$100 with plaque
This is for NEW growers who have not hit the 1000 lb goal & fall short. You cant win this & the contest above. 1 fruit per contest (with plaque)

Big Porch Pumpkin 600 lbs & under

$100 & plaque
Never grew a giant pumpkin before contest (not so serious contest) Newbies only PLEASE

Big Orange contest

$500 1st & plaque & Growers Coat
(open to all growers) If using Marks Mixes $1,000.00

Heavy Hitter Giant Watermelon

1st $250 & Growers Coat, 2nd$100 3rd$100 with plaques

Giant Watermelon Contest

1st $250 2nd $100 3rd $100 with plaques
Personal best 250 & under to be in this contest. 

 $100 in Prize Money for each of the following…

If using Marks Mixes add $100 to each prize. Using all six products add $200 to each prize. Grow and many as you like, (No Limit) 

Long Gourd
Giant Squash
Giant Tomato
Field Pumpkin
Bushel Gourd
Tallest Sunflower
Sunflower Biggest head

Heaviest Cucumber
Longest Cucumber
Heaviest Marrow
Heaviest Carrot
Heaviest Onion

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