Jack & The Giants Club

Kids Get Growing! Win Prizes!

Kids Learn Gardening Skills

Bubba started working in the garden at a very young age and wants to share that experience with other kids!

Great life lessons of work / reward are set into motion with the simple accomplishment of growing something.

Youth 16 and under can join Jack & The Giants Club and earn prizes for their effort!

A welcome kit is sent out upon joining that includes a T-shirt, gloves,  four seeds from Jack’s 1317 lb or 1177 lb X Open “Big Porch Pumpkin” plus ten sunflower seeds and a How To Get Started Guide.


Here is Jackson with his first seedling transplant.

Jackson and the Sunflower!

We look forward to seeing pictures of your child with their prized vegetable!

Jackson and his 1279 lb Giant Orange Pumpkin!

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