1009 Cook


Sold By: Heavenly Hills Homestead Ryan Cook


This is the product of the 665 Cook!! It’s crossed with my first pumpkin ever weighed and it was also a Howard Dill the 1,016 Cook! This cross will give you everything you need not just Big & Orange but also symmetry which is how we should be growing/breeding these giants!! When people see it I don’t want them to ask “ what is it?” but rather “is that pumpkin real??” and that’s exactly what this seed will do!! People won’t ask what it is but how did you get it so big and pretty!! These genetics speak for themselves in that they’re capable of producing 2,000+ pound super orange pumpkins that in the right light have a reddish tint to them but make no mistake they’re orange!! There was a low seed count in this fruit so not many to be had, 2 seeds for $100!! As always we thank you for your support!!