1406 lb Laginess-Clementz 2021


Sold Out of 1406.00 Try the 450 Clementz Mother of the 1406

Sold By: Worldwide Giant Growers
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1406.00 Laginess/Clementz 2021 SOLD OUT

FAST SHIP SAME DAY ON MOST ORDERS Clementz/Laginess As Seen on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7orm0nV5I4&t=39sThis 1406 lb Fruit (on Left in picture) grown by Alan Laginess who only spends 2 hours a week growing his Orange lover Pumpkins.

The 450 lb Clementz was my 1734.5 lb X 1885.5 lb Werner.So Big GENETICS here X ORANGE.Best of both worlds here at a affordable price.Free 3 page Germination tips includedt

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