665 Cook Howard Dill Award Winner


2 seeds $100, these seeds have proven this year in 2023 to be highly successful in growing 1,000-1,700lbs bright orange/red pumpkins winning state fairs, weigh offs, and Howard Dill Awards!! Do to the low quantity of seeds left and the overwhelming amount of people now wanting these seeds we are limited to how many we can now sell. First come first serve, there’s not many left!! Thank you all so much for your purchases and support!! We do have plenty of the reverse cross 739 Cook left if you need them and they have grown beautiful pumpkins as well!

Sold By: Heavenly Hills Homestead Ryan Cook


This is the 665 Cook, it’s the cross of 2 awesome pumpkins!! The 1883 Bayuk and the 2350 Gienger, this is a very aggressive plant that just wanted to grow grow grow!! We had 200% above normal precipitation and while others in the region was losing pumpkins this plant just chugged right along!!

These genetics have turned out some of the biggest and prettiest pumpkins the world has ever seen in 2023 starting with the 1009 Cook that took 1st place and the Howard Dill Award at the VA State Fair!! Then it took 2nd and the Howard Dill Award at a weigh off out on the pacific coast with a 1028 pound pumpkin, then on the east coast at Spring Hope weigh off it took 2nd again with a 983.6lbs pumpkin, then 3rd place and another Howard Dill Award back out west with a 1692.5lbs pumpkin and last at the NC State Fair it took 5th with a 1097lbs pumpkin.  That’s the ones we know of but sure there are more out there, this seed produces BIG BEAUTIFUL FRUIT easily and consistently!! There are less then 100 seeds from this pumpkin left so don’t know how long we’ll have them but if you’re looking for something that will grow you and award winning big 1000+ pound fruit here it is!!!

You can check out the entire grow of the 665 Cook on YouTube to see all the challenges it faced throughout the season!! https://youtu.be/ZmOTca_2JPw

You will get 2 seeds, there’s not many seeds left I can no longer give a few extra of the 665 Cook but will send a couple 739 Cooks which is the reverse cross of it!!