739 Cook


Sold By: Heavenly Hills Homestead Ryan Cook


This is the 739 Cook is a beautiful pumpkin and was named one of the Prettiest Pumpkins in the World that is the 2350 Gienger crossed to the 1883 Bayuk!! It’s an awesome plant that was actually a miracle of a graft that had never been done before, the main vine was messed up and going down so I grafted a tertiary onto the pumpkins stem. I had stopped growing for a couple weeks and when the graft took it went from 826 ott to 885 ott in a short time then started to slow down. It did go light to chart and I believe it did because it didn’t have enough power coming through the tertiary and graft to grow the inside so it grew in outside measurement but not internally. Still a beautiful pumpkin with top of the line genetics, 2 seeds $60 and I always add a bonus seed or 2 ?!!