947 Cook


Sold By: Heavenly Hills Homestead Ryan Cook


The 947 Cook is the 1088 Bayuk crossed to the 2350 Gienger!! The 1088 Bayuk was made from the 1858 Schmit x 2350 Gienger so crossing the 2350 into it last year again should make this pumpkin really orange and heavy this year!! The plant was 130 sqft so very little in comparison to most size plants producing pumpkins the same size and 2-3 times the size plant. This plant has a lot of energy and loves growing, if you’re looking for a pumpkin that will growing for anyone through bad weather and all then look no further then right here!! We’ve posted a picture up of it this year and you can see it’s much prettier and will definitely get a spot on my main patch next year because it done so great this year!!
2 seeds for $45 and I always give a extra seed or 2 ?!!!