The WORM” Clementz 5.46 lb Tomato


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” The WORM” Clementz 5.46 lb Tomato as seen on YouTube  World record genetics here Bubbas personal best.Grown in Dairy Do 301   Grown from Porkchops 9.65 Marley 2019 World record tomato I will be growing exclusively this seed in 2021 as this plant produced well over a dozen MEGA-BLOSSOMS.Great plant. Given cooler weather this tomato could have been 9 lbs or better.I think this is the silver bullet seed that will grow my next MONSTER .The Domingo variety will grow 2 to 5 lb Nice shaped single & double tomatoes that are uniform in shape.Good to Eat.You decide which ones to keep singles ? Doubles? Triples? or a MEGA.The Worm was 5 Blossom fruit.  The 5.46 lb Bubdingo Bubbas BEST! “Keep it a secret Home & Garden” on You Tube

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