104.5 lb World Record Butternut Squash 2022


Sold By: CinderEllie's Pumpkin Patch


This 104.5 lb butternut squash was grown in 2022 with around 400 square feet of plant.  It was grown from the 55.5 Brown, the same seed that grew the previous world record.  The pollinator was the 65.1 Brown.  The 65.1 went untrimmed and untamed due to time restraints and ended up producing over 500 pounds of butternut squash from one hill.

Giant butternut are one of the most beginner friendly fruit we have grown thanks to the natural disease and pest resistance provided by the C. Moschata species.  The 104.5 was grown almost entirely organic with the exception of a light contact fungicide towards the end of the season.

3 seeds per package


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