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Seed Vendor Rules

Only verified growers will be eligible to sell seed on World Wide Giant Growers. Contact Mark Clementz with your questions about qualification.

Authorized seed sellers are referred to as Vendors. Vendors receive 70 percent of their sales and must ship the seed worldwide at their expense. Shipping is free for orders over $35 worldwide for our buyers.

The Vendor must print their own shipping labels, package the seeds securely in a padded envelope and ship by parcel post. The typical parcel post shipping cost is under $3 and includes tracking. 

The Vendor will receive funds from the sale when the buyer receives the seeds or seven days from the sale. If you will not be available to ship your seed sales within 48 hours we ask that you contact us so we can notify your buyers of a delay in shipping. Alternately, you can modify your listings to be in Draft mode while you are out of town.

Please include instructions for germination with your shipment. We have a short note that provides instructions. Contact us if you want a copy. By federal law, the seeds must have a 75% germination rate. Providing instructions will decrease the odds of germination failure.

With your registraiton, you will recevie access to post your product and pictures within the website.

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