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How can you get started growing giant vegetables?

Years of experience has fine-tuned our approach to growing giants and the results are proof! Both novice and seasoned growers will learn a thing or two from our Bubba’s Blunders!  So, don’t be a Blunder Boob and get Bubba’s list of the top ten mistakes that gardeners make.

2016 Champion Tomato & Alaska State Record!
Patrick White’s son Steven is holding his a 7.15 lb tomato grown in Alaska.
“We use Root Keeper regularly and swear by Mark’s Special Tea!” said Patrick.

My Approach

A family affair since I was a kid. Growing vegetables for the table is one thing, growing giants requires some planning.

The right watering, feeding and care is needed to get the results you want.

Giant Seeds

Starting with good seed is a great first step. Buy seeds from one of our champs to get started. This is a community of growers who collaborate to grow champions!

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Growing giant pumpkin, watermelon, gourd, Sunflowers and more is my passion. I communicate with growers from around the globe share their combined wisdom through my emails blasts. Don’t miss out on special one of a kind offers and the latest success stories from around the world.

“What could be more fun than working with your grandson to grow a champion pumpkin? Hope you find our website useful and you can grow your own champ!”

Mark "Bubba" Clementz

Mark’s grandson Jackson Reed shows off some tomatoes that he grew!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are giant pumpkins hard to grow & can you grow more then 1 on a plant.?

It depends on your goal. To grow a possible state or world record the average champion growers give plants daily waterings & plant care. So much it is hard for them to take summer vacations without extra helpers involved. Growing 1 on a plant is a must to grow possible state records size 1500 to 2600 lb fruits. However, if you are happy with say 300 to 1000 lb fruit you can grow several on 1 plant. Growing 300 to 500 lbs requires much less work say 2 days a week watering & caring for plants.

When do I start my giant pumpkin plants?

We typically start them mid to late April depending on your climate. Warmer climates can start sooner.

How many hours of sun do giant pumpkins and watermelons need?

Giants like as much sun as your typical vegetable plant. 8-10 hours or more is great.

How far apart should Sunflowers be planted?

We recommend three to four feet of spacing apart to get them over 13 feet tall.

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