Fire Eagle 🔥🦅 1652.5 TOBOYEK



Fire Eagle 🔥🦅 1652.5 TOBOYEK 2023 (2006 WOLF X 1977.5 REA) Grown off the 2006 WOLF which was the 2365 Wolf X Sib and crossed with the 1977.5 REA which was the 1885.5 Werner X 2350 Geinger.  Germination test ✅ was done on all seeds

1- seed $40 free shipping in US

(comes with free pack of Smokey Mountain tall sunflowers & Bubba’s 3 page germination tips )



Sold By: Mark & Jackson Clementz


Another great cross grown by a relatively new grower in the giant Pumpkin community. Huge potential here with keeping the orange in your garden. These seeds are packaged by Adam and germination tested will be shipped by Mark Jackson and come with free pack of smoky mountain sunflowers. “Don’t you grow ,no ugly pumpkin “ also check out the Tri combo package for a better deal this seed