Fire Flower 🔥 1864 lb Toboyek 2023


Fire Flower 🔥🌹1864 TOBOYEK 2023 (1977.5 REA X 2006 WOLF) Grown off the 1977.5 REA which was the 1885.5 Werner X 2350 Geinger and crossed with the 2006 WOLF which was the 2365 Wolf X Sibling


Sold By: Mark & Jackson Clementz


This is a beautiful orange pumpkin. I wish I was younger like Adam and had more space. I would grow these big beautiful orange monsters instead of chasing the super heavy genetics. These seeds are for orange lovers who want to grow 2000 pound potential pumpkins and enjoy the Orange glow

1 – seed $45 plus free bonus
The seeds come with free pack of smoky mountain sunflowers and will be shipped by Mark and Jackson also come with three page germination tips. “Don’t you Grow No Ugly pumpkin” we also sell this in a triple combo pack for orange lovers. Check us out