New Godzilla 2,200 lb pumpkin 2023


You will get 1 seed from Godzilla shipped by Travis himself . As a special thank you from Bubba I will send you a free pack of 1377 Laginess orange pumpkin seeds  & a pack of Smokey Mountain tall sunflowers from Chris Kent’s garden. Thank  you for growing with us

Sold By: Travis Gienger


Godzilla was a pumpkin that truly was impressive. It’s growth at the end in August was astonishing. When Godzilla hit 2,200 pounds it was still growing at an estimated 43 pounds a day. It’s life ended abruptly with a tiny little rib split. However, being the only pumpkin crossed with the brick 2,749 pound world record, it is sure to benefit! I truly feel this pumpkin had 3000 pound plus capabilites and it’s seed should even be better!

Plus Bubba bonus pack, free, Smoky Mountain sunflowers and giant pumpkin seeds will come with this order shipped by Bubba. Travis seeds are shipped by Travis. You’ll get two separate orders.