LONG GOURD SEEDS Grown from the 146 inch Long gourd


4 Seeds of 114.75″ Long Gourd

Sold By: Worldwide Giant Growers
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Don’t forget Plants are just like people, So don’t judge a seed by its size. Weather soil disease all play a roll in seasonal grow each year. I believe these seeds could possibly grow as good as the grandparents. Grow your own Witches Broom & have a Great summer in the patch

114.75 inches Fleser, Dan Williamston Michigan United States Dundees Pumpkin Palooza 146.13 Jutras self pollinated

Get 4 seeds for $25

plus Bonus seeds

  • Dan’s 127 lb. Field pumpkin world record genetics 211 Mack seed.
  • Bubbas 2020 fresh 14 foot sunflowers 1 pack with this order.

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