3-Alarm Fire ORANGE Combo Pack


You will get one seed from the 1864 fire flower one seed from the 1652.5 fire eagle and two seeds from the 974 Ruthruff plus one pack, Smoky Mountain sunflowers and three page germination tips from Bubba  with free shipping in the United States“Don’t you grow no ugly pumpkin”

shipping to Europe and worldwide contact mark@worldwidegiantgrowers.com. I will ship over Seeds, if allowed by law. but you must send the money through PayPal however, I cannot guarantee delivery to oversea shipments

Sold By: Worldwide Giant Growers


For the orange lover, Triple  seed  pack, Adam Toyboyeks. 1864 & 1652.5 and we top it off with 2-974 Ruthruff (1501)vaderwielen. grown by Derek‘s mother, not so serious grower. The genetics are here for 2000 pound orange monsters or you can grow several big beautiful porch pumpkins ranging 300 pounds to 600 pounds to 1500 pounds depending on how many you grow per plant. if you’re all in ? 2000 pound potential here for sure Plus.i In my humble, honest opinion,