World Record 2,749 lbs 2023 New


You will get 1 – seed from the world record  pumpkin while supplies last .Plus BONUS Seeds  I believe this pumpkin will grow some monsters. This is Bubba. I have purchased one myself for my seed vault as I believe this seed will be one to grow in the future. please read below what Travis has to say about this  EPIC historical seed.

Sold By: Travis Gienger


You are looking at the “Holy Grail” of pumpkin seeds here. The 2,749 pound World Record pumpkin is one for the history books. After 10 years of being overseas in climate controlled greenhouses, the WR is finally back in the States and available! Grown outdoors in the harsh elements of Minnesota this pumpkin can handle the conditions. At over 21 feet around and 14% heavy, these genetics are sure to create some monster pumpkins. This World Record pumpkin was crossed with another 2365 that would have even been bigger had it not went down on August 17th at 2,222 pounds. The pumpkin was still growing at 43 pounds a day and had a nice tall shape. Very limited quanties available so get it while it’s still available, because once they are gone, they are gone forever! New January 18 comes in its own custom carry in suitcase
As a special thank you for purchasing your world record seed at WWGG. Bubba will ship you two packs Giant Pumpkin Seeds 1,005 Clementz & 974 Ruthruff  plus Russian mammoth tall sunflowers to share with your friends. Thank you for growing with us !