1,005 lbs NEW ! Giant Pumpkin 2023 Bubbas


World Record genetics -4 seeds 39$ free shipping in US if you send me the money on PayPal, only I will ship around the world where allowed by law.contact by email Mark@worldwidegiantgrowers for shipping world wide

Sold By: Mark & Jackson Clementz


World record Genetics here on a budget get 4 seeds for $39. This pumpkin pollinated July 21st grew to 1,005 lbs with very little care.The weather was cool cloudy and wet for August and September.The male pollinator was growing 72 lbs a day and weighed over 1700 lbs when it split. These same genetics (Birdman’s)2365 wolf daddy x 2560 Gienger female. will sell at auction for 300 to 800$ a seed.I will be growing this same exact cross in 2024. 8% heavy by estimate charts .all the fruit on this plant were square blocks The square block shape I believe is perfect to grow a 3,000 lb fruit 4 seeds for $39 Please join me for the exciting grow in 24. No worries a can of spray paint can make it orange. We had fun doing it. “Don’t you grow not ugly, pumpkin”BONUS free pack mammoth sunflower seeds with order